#MeToo : Opportunity for a sensible conversation

#MeToo storm has finally arrived on Indian shores. Though we are aware of sexual harassment and exploitation of women since a long time and even have a few laws to prevent this, public discussions are rare.


Talking about these issues at home is a taboo in most Indian homes.

As our kids grow up and move about in the society for play, education, internship and finally work, they need to be sensitized. Don’t go out of the house and cover yourself well is not a great advice as it will result in loss of freedom and opportunity that we have fought to achieve.

There are no perfect answers, but we can still do a fairly good job here.

I believe that #MeToo conversation needs to happen with growing up kids. All adolescents should have an opportunity to discuss this. If you are a parent or teacher, you can do following things –
1. Ask your adolescent children, young adults, if they have heard of #MeToo
2. Hear out their thoughts about this issue – What do they know about it, What side are they on, what do they think about best way to investigate and punish
3. Most importantly as future adults in the society, what are their thoughts about prevention.
4. Having an open conversation about how to identify predators, predatory behaviours, self-protection, getting help, how to create safe workplaces, etc.
5. Don’t segregate boys and girls for this conversation. Let them hear all sides.

This could be the most important conversation of their life.

Don’t waste a golden opportunity to help our children get ready for world of work.

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  1. As a mother of 2 teenager boys I was thinking of this discussion during our family time. I believe right values inculcated at home will be their lifelong guide.

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