Parenting Teenagers : Workshop for Parents

IF you have a teenager living in your home, you will find my workshop very useful.


My workshops are about learning practical skills that you can use everyday,


No philosophy, no lectures, no fluff, no clichés …. only practical knowledge and skills.


It is a TWO-DAY workshop that covers –


  1. Knowing you …knowing your spouse and other team – parenting styles and motivations.
  2. Knowing your teenager – Personality and what makes them tick and kick.
  3. Interactions – Between parenting team and with teenager – Communication Skills and NEGOTIATION SKILLS!
  4. Drawing Boundaries and guarding them – DISCIPLINE!
  5. Motivating your teenager
  6. Danger signs – don’t be blindsided … be alert and detect early.


What more can you need?  Join me for an interactive, skills-based workshop.


Dates – 25 & 26 August 2018 (Saturday and Sunday)

Time – 9.00am – 5.00pm (both days)

Venue – Hotel President, Off Karve Road, Pune – 411004


Fee Includes – Course Material, Breakfast, Lunch and Teas


Fees – INR 7650/- per person  (INR 13999/- for couple)


Contact No. : 9922994976 (sms and WhatsApp)

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