“Love Thy Child”

My recent activity on twitter generated
some interest. So here are all the tweets put together-



love is the best tonic u can give ur
children. there are no overdoses, toxicity and side effects if you
administer pure love. keep reading-




1. children r happier if you love
them, neutral if you MANAGE them, sad if you manipulate them,
vengeful you if u lie 2 them.


2. children in concentration camps
were happier than their guards! how? was it- hope/ curiosity/
ignorance/ energy/ enthusiasm?


3. working hard for family is parents’
responsibility. don’t demean it by verbalizing it. always remember
Walmiki’s tale.


4. remember the person who really
motivated you. what did they do? try that with your child. use same
time frame….no instant results.


5. what age was your first
infatuation? when were you ready for intimacy? Subtract 3 years from
that – that is when your child will do it. ( for normal parents



6.children listen to people they have
fun with. how much fun are you?


7.if you want children to listen to you
– speak less, speak with smile, give only one suggestion per 12
hours. lead by example.


8.respect generates from admiration,
interest from fascination, motivation from self-belief and all 3 from
love. what can u generate?


9. audit your time spent with your
child. what percentage is spent giving instructions, complaints,
suggestions, advice, etc.?


10. make a list of 10 of your idols.
read about their academics upto age 18. remember that while thinking
about your child’s academics.


11.do not be impatient while they are
talking. frame your questions with what and how instead of why.


12.make good eye contact with your
child and smile. difficult? try to exhale while you smile, works
best, almost natural

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