Self Hypnosis BootCamp September 2017

My most popular self hypnosis training camp is here.

In a new format! Only 15 participants per batch. Excellent opportunity to interact, practice skills and troubleshoot.

Only for Adults ( no kids and adolescents)

Dates – 23 & 24 September 2017 @ Pune

2 day workshop.

Details –

Learn to use your most effective tool…….Your Mind!

Change the way you behave, think and feel

Learn to “delete” unwanted habits and patterns


Learn to “install” desirable habits and patterns

Reduce your anxiety and negative thoughts

Know your nature given strengths and how to use them to be more effective and happy.

Learn “Self-Hypnosis”

Useful for all persons looking for an effective self-management skill.

Learn with dedicated peers and lots of opportunity to practice your skills under supervision.

Only 15 participants per course for individual attention and personalized learning.

2-day Training Camp – 23 & 24 September 2017 (Sat & Sun)

Time – 9.00am – 5.00pm

Location – Pune


This is an intensive course that involves practice of skills that you learn. There will be practice sessions for each component.

Course Content –

Day 1

1. What is hypnosis

2. Structure of hypnosis session

3. Learning trance induction and practice

4. Deepening of trance

5. Various methods of deepening and practice

6. Learning language of sub-conscious

7. Multi sensory experience

8.Controlling Physical Functions – muscle relaxation, blood pressure, etc.

9.Dealing with anxiety and other negative emotions.

Day 2 –

1. Understanding and changing damaging habits

2. Future orientation – core of motivation

3. Understanding strengths philosophy

4. Strength and weakness analysis

5. Specific points for positive thoughts

6. Positive habits and life change – one step at a time

Additional work as time permits –

Rapid induction of hypnosis

Deepening of trance on “cue”

Personal plan with help of “mindfulness hypnosis” and “cognitive restructuring”

Course fee includes – learning material, online strengths assessment, certificate, tea and lunch at venue.

Fees – 12,000/-

Payable by cash less options – Bank Transfer, UPI